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Thread: Vamp Guide

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    Story line made me lol. Nice guide ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoughGhan View Post
    He was a lvl 52 with a max HP of 2594, here is the data from his attack

    Starting HP: 2241
    Damage Dealt: 1459 to 3 monsters= 4377
    Ending HP: 2370
    Result: 129 HP gained
    (3% of 4377 is 131.31)

    Since he used the total damage done to calculate the hp he should receive (and came up with 131.31) his total came out incorrect.
    Mathematically speaking 131.31 is completely correct, so why did he only gain 129 hp?

    At first this had me stumped but when I broke the check down monster per monster I finally figured out what went wrong

    Taking 3% of 1459 (since he wore only a 3% vamp ring with a single +30 extender) you come up with 43.77. After gaining the total per monster you MUST round down, making the total 43 per monster. Finally, take 43 and multiply by the total monsters hit (which was 3) and you come up with the actual amount gained....129.

    In short the calculations are done on a per monster basis, at which point the total per monster is rounded down and finally added for the end result.
    if you're taking out that +30 extender and maintain the 3% vamp, does this means that, the only HP he will gain is 13.77???

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