New NPC 'Craft Merchant Chloe'
Craft system
Request system
New mission field 'Arcane Trace'
New accessory 'Charm'
Unbinding Stone
+8 Accessories
Dance commands
- /dance3
- /everydayimshuffling
- /shuffle
- /shuffledance
New quest 'Favor Returning Heil'
Unique equipment category in Agent Shop


Fixed EXP reward errors of some daily quests
Fixed error that the location of the Mini quest window was reset upon Client close
Fixed error that the motion of monsters inside the quest dungeon of the quest 'Finding Younger Brother' were abnormal
Fixed error that Party EXP was not acquirable on certain situations
Fixed error that Nation related Titles were not renewed upon Nation change
Fixed error that skill books from Weakened dungeons gave Alz when sold
Fixed error that exchanging pets between original slot - extended slot were able after duration of 'Pet Slot Extender' expired
Fixed error that changing channel or equipment during Battle Mode 3 + Aura mode resulted abnormally shown stats
Fixed error that reviving during dungeon play without Odd Circles were possible
Fixed error that Odd Circles in Cash inventories were not able to be used
Fixed error that PVP request canceled trading
Fixed error that arrow marks on GPS were not visible by a overlapped button
Fixed error that camera angles were reset while changing to 'Free View' mode
Fixed error that Party member location moving on Party lists were not available
Fixed error that a guild member could remain on a deleted guild group
Fixed error that when a character's HP exceeded 65,000 in Mission war, it was shown abnormal


Changed Crafting
Merged Shape Cartridge items
Changed 'Mirror Stone'
Changed Material item drop
Increased 2 slot Forcium item drop rate
Changed item extraction details
Changed so that some unique items drops are tradable.
- Lycanus Weapons
- Drosnin's Earrings
- Drei Frame Armor
Changed item selling price to NPC shops
Changed Agent shop category
Changed achievement related details
- Added achievement view together function
- Added achievement ranking
- Changed achievement reveal method
- Change achievement achieved alarm
Changed maximum number of acquirable quest quantity from 10 to 20
Increased HP & defense rate of 'Vikalitan of Golden Sunset' in Saint's Island
Changed so that the possession of field monsters or Mission War guardians to be changed upon HP regen
Changed Map/Warp code provide method
Changed so that using Force Kick between using combo in Battle Mode 3 will not reset the count
Increased the number of Favorites available on Agent Shop
Changed so that in case of item move or retrieval, it is to be done from the currently opened inventory
Moved chat window minimalize button to the top left side
Changed quest/mission marks on GPS
Changed party member tooltip and added more information on it
Changed so that the mission area of quests from the Quest Capsule is to be shown
Changed so that Item details are to be shown on Guild Warehouse related system messages & history lists
Changed some Help messages
Changed name and extractable item from of Buff Capsule Cubes which are given as Mission War rewards
Separated Battle Mode 3 Armor & Effects when used in Mission war depending to the Character's Nation
Changed so that some functions are to be available during character revival
- Current Mission war process time
- GPS function via M
- Score, Member list check via V