Character : Lvl 164 Wizard
Nation: Capella
Honor rank : 10( 30% till Hr 11)

Has BM3 stage one with few Stain Clones left.

Exp Rune
Hp Rune
Magic Attack Rune

Character bind items:
-Merg Ring
-Mystic Suit of Outrageous +9 (100hp& 7 Magic amp)
-Mystic Gloves of Outrageous +9 ( 2% hp steal of the total damage & 7 Magic Amp)
-2 Decent Dorsion earings

Also there is a pet that iam willing to give with the character its LVL 9 pet. And the stats are as follows:
-2 Magic amp
- +1% Min Damage
- +30 MP
- +10% Alz drop
- +1% resist Stun
- +1% Resist Unable to move
- + 5 Magic Attack
- +1% Resis Knock Back

Optional Account Bind item:
-Osm Martial helm of Deathblow +9 (24 Critical Damage & 12 Rate)

Also at a request:
-Eos+7 may be added.
The ccharacter stats are as follows:

So yea with these stats set perfectly you can start you T4 Nation war farm or keep on lvling.

Yes you have to pay for the Transfer, Yet we can work out a good deal. Thank you and offers please

Mail me offers here or in the game at EyeSeeYou or iSparks. Thank you