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Thread: Introducing: CABAL Global Camp

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    Introducing: CABAL Global Camp

    Dear CABAL players,

    ESTSoft Inc. is proud to announce that we will be sending three highly qualified individuals to the CABAL Global Camp hosted on the beautiful island of Jeju, Korea. This all-expense paid trip to Korea will feature hotel, meal, and flight accommodations!

    Many players form various CABAL regions will be there, including: Korea, Europe, China, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, and North America. Participants will have a chance to interact with developers, test unreleased content, and battle to see who’s the best player in the world!

    Today September 7th, you can apply as one of the top players and community members for CABAL North America. It’s up to you to let us know why you are most qualified to attend! Creativity, style, and expressing knowledge of CABAL are your best assets, so don’t hold back!

    Visit http://www.cabal.com/event/cabalglobalcamp to apply!

    Once our application process has been closed, we will be nominating six candidates that
    you, the players, can vote for!

    The whole schedule of this event is as follows:

    * Application Period: September 7th – September 17th
    * Voting Period: September 25th – September 27th
    * Winners Announcement: September 28th
    * CABAL Global Camp begins: October 19th

    Soon after the CABAL Global Camp begins, those attending will challenge one another to determine who will ultimately be deemed the best CABAL player in the world! Now is your chance to lead CABAL North America to a new era of gaming!

    Still have questions? Please visit the CABAL Global Camp page for more info.

    *Please be reminded that if you become one of the winners, you will need a valid passport to travel to Korea. So we strongly recommend you to prepare in advance.

    The CABAL Support Team
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