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Thread: CrushingRaid/SynGreis Candidate Thread

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    *sigh*....I MUST PERSIST.

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    Yes, you've got my vote.

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    Those nerds are the ones who makes the games you play

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    Quote Originally Posted by crushingraid View Post
    Those nerds are the ones who makes the games you play
    If nerds who made games didn't exist, we'd all be less nerdy D:

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    Seriously. People don't want a more secure game that there concerned with personality and ego to go to korea?

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    The damage is already done from hacking/alz exploits/game glitches. You can't undo time but u can fix it over time with a better security system.
    I would like to see a better security system as well and at least your not going simply to show off to the world. If you running I'd vote for ya
    Fear is an Illusion

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    I agree, damage is done, but i can help prevent further damage and possibly repair some damage and possibly restore faith and trust in the cabal community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cathy View Post
    i'm voting for chingu. I know xi popular enough to get voted for, even without my vote, so i know he'll end up going.

    But i want to see chingu and xi together :> bffs~

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    there is 6 spots to go.

    Who else is voting o.0

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