Hey all, I could use a little info/advice on the sword and magic skills for a Force Blader, my FB is lvl 119 currently but still a little confused on the skills.

My current skills I have are:


Fade Step lv 9
Dash lv 9
Force Slash lv 20
Force Assault lv 20
Dance of Ruin lv 20
Force Kick lv 9
Infernal Stigma lv 20
Abyssal Crystal lv 20
Force Impact lv 9
Infernal Impact lv 9
Assassinate lv 12
Seal of Damnation lv 9


Earth Guard lv 20
Lightning Blade lv 20
Wind Movement lv 20
Aqua Vitality lv 20
Stone Cannon lv 20
Aqua Cannon lv 20
Lightning Cannon lv 20
Wind Cannon lv 20
Enervation lv 20
Defense Down lv 20
Guard Break lv 20
Blind lv 20
Hard Luck lv 20
Field of Enervation lv 20


Vitality Master lv 10
Offensive Sense lv 6/8
Defensive Sense lv 6/8
Sixth Sense lvl 3
Damage Absorb lv 3
Impact Control lvl 2/3

I went with the debuffs because at the early lvls they help in pve, but I need to know are they worth keeping around for the higher lvls. Also, I'm not much interested in pvp, which is why I have yet to purchase the Mana Freeze, Field of Execration or Execration.

My current gear is: (Could use some advice about the gear as well please!!)

Ring of Luck +1 x3
Critical Ring +1
Amulet of Pain+4
Earring of Kaith (+15 Max HP per hit)
Granny's Earring (+15 Max HP per hit/+10 hp)
Bracelet of Kaith (1% HP Absorb)
Grannys Bracelet (2% HP Absorb)
Epaulet of Fighter/Guard +6
Board Card of Phantom Fera
Belt of Vital +6?? (40 HP)
Osmium Battlehelm of DB +5 1 slot 26% CDMG
Osmium Battlesuit of Amp +4 1 slot 3% amp 50 hp
Crafted Osmium Battle gloves 1 slot 5% amp +2 attack
Osmium Batleboots +3 2 slot (empty) 3% amp
Crafted Red Osmium Blade +4 2 slot 30% CDMG
Topaz Orb of DB +2 1 slot 16% CDMG

Currently don't have the Honor Rank or I'd use a BoF+2, and don't have the cash or I'd try for all 7% amp gear.

At lvl 125 going to farm for alz to try and afford better gear, any advice on what gear to go for that is relatively cheap but would last a while? Currently have only about 5m, so please don't list any gears that are like 300m+