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Thread: Supporting The Developers or Alz Buying?

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    Supporting The Developers or Alz Buying?

    Hey guys!
    You might know me as G0rDruN or Kayile01-03, etc etc. I have been playing cabal for almost 5 years now and have loved every minute of it!

    This morning I was accused of Alz Buying by Dromar (Which is silly coming from someone who owns such expensive gear). So I want to clarify something and set the record straight. Not just for me, but all who spend their money to help cabal 2 proceed!

    I am a proud supporter of the Cabal Team by purchasing vouchers and items from Cabal.com cash shop. Yes, I spend a bit more than I should sometimes, BUT!! Who can say no to awesome pets and vouchers?! And especially if it is going towards the development of the next best MMO!

    Now, if buying vouchers from cabal.com is considered alz buying and illegal to do, please let me know! Otherwise lay off the mean comments and false accusations.
    Let me spend my money, on my favorite game, and support this awesome project and future ones.

    And to all who don't buy vouchers, Go get 1! Its only 10 dollars and it helps EST a lot! Free - To - Play relies heavily on the community supporting it. That is why they made the cash shop.

    Thanks for upping the drop rate as well EST! I have gotten 2 SEH's from AOS1 already

    - Gor

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    Alz buyer...

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    Really? lol

    So you are telling me basically that a feature EST soft created to help bring in income is something that shouldn't be used? Wow, well I don't know how EST would feel about people promoting against their cash shop since that is how they feed their families and continue funding for projects such as cabal 2.

    If that is the case, than every game should be free if this is a problem. If it is soo bad to support a company by purchasing their merchandise then why in the hell did they create it.... If you can't afford it, then don't QQ about it. Its not alz buying, its playing the game. Its just like paying for a DLC pack for an xbox game or Xbox Live Gamerpoints. You telling me that shouldn't be done either?

    I swear the logic of some people is beyond comprehension sometimes. Well I say screw you. I will continue to support EST soft by purchasing from their cash shop that they built for that reason.

    OH and since you say its alz buying, that means over half the world does it in the cabal universe, so go cry somewhere else. If 2 million people do it, you have no right pointing me out of the group. It just means there are a lot of people willing to spend their hard earned money to support a game they enjoy and a Dev Team they appreciate.

    Freaking selfish people need to stop playing this game....

    - Gor

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    Bloody Ice? (:
    His statement must really enthrall you to write a whole thread on it. Is his accusation that threatening that you need to tell the whole world that you aren't an alz buyer? ^^

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    3 cheers for a pay2win game!

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    Alz buyer is a player who pays real cash in this case USD for Alz from one of the online gold selling sites.
    Alz buying is from my understanding a ban-able offense but being a donator is not ban-able.
    How you describe yourself is not an Alz buyer but a Donator. Which EST loves and thier moto is "long live the donator, the life blood of a healthy server"

    My point being is forget him and his accusations do you really wish to waste your time on meaningless dribble or wouldn't you rather run a few dungeons and kill some bosses or PK some players. Hey speaking of PKing why not just go and PK him...lol. Anyway don't waste your time concerning youself about what others think or say.
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    Hey gordrun o o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerebs View Post
    I swear the logic of some people is beyond comprehension sometimes


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    Thanks Truely, that is what I have been trying to tell people.
    The only reason I brought this to the forums is because a lot of players other than myself have been getting heat for buying vouchers from the cash shop, or buying pills and selling at the NPC. But that isn't fair to accuse someone falsely as it paints a bad picture of them when all they are doing is supporting EST. Not to mention it gets annoying.

    And you are right, I much rather just sit back, enjoy the game, support it by purchasing cool stuff from the cash shop and look forward to cabal 2.

    And hey Jam! XD


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