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Thread: Any GM Can Check This Pls..........!!!

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    Exclamation Any GM Can Check This Pls..........!!!

    my account got scammed when i was selling it ..... more than 1 month and iam Frustrated ....here's the bish that fuked me up ! Attachment 5558Attachment 5559Attachment 5560Attachment 0Attachment 5561Attachment 5562[/CODE]
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    up the name of the character scammed is now iGangnamSTYLE

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    Osmium Lord Kronius's Avatar
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    That s Xinaa =\

    I hate seeing cool/players with good ethics get the bad end of ths stick..

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    how u get scammed, u traded?

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    Look, I know this is gonna sound bad, but can all the globals please stop spamming the forum with problems like this? Go send a helpdesk ticket if you want it handled by the GMs.

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    i sent 2 tickets but...... omg i cant believe that i have all evidences that prove i got scammed and stil cant get my WA back . more than 1 month and nothing.
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    check under the bed
    Join me in retirement it's the good life

    FB lvl 180 da best
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    I heard that you got a 170+ WA by getting nick and loma to pressure one of your guildies to trade that for a naked 146 FA or FS.
    I heard the WA had a decent lycan GS and a couple of good runes.
    I don't know how much is true, but you don't have to accept or deny what i said. From what i heard it seems a bit grimy...

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    wut are u talking about?...i donn have any chares +170 . i have just Xinaa
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