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Thread: Trading 141 FS for any BL 125+ on Mercury!

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    Cool Trading 141 FS for any BL 125+ on Mercury!

    As the title says, I want to trade my char for any Blader on Mercury 125+
    If its a good t2 blader I may make an exeption.

    FS HR6 Naked Proc
    No bind items
    +6 Shineguard Suit of Will
    +5 or 6 Shineguard helm
    Plain (I think) osm gloves
    Plain slotted Shadow Titanium boots
    Crit+1 ring
    No Blade or Crystal
    No BM3
    50% EXP BB 1day in wh
    Currently 5m in inv or more.

    -As you can see the character needs alot of work. It is a very old character and I recently transferred it from ogplanet. Since ESTsoft taken over, Its been untouched. And I have been playing on Mercury since then so I would like to trade this old character in return for an old or somewhat equal Blader on Mercury.

    Blader should have at least:
    A martial suit, helm , gloves
    Adleast 4m in inv to get by.
    Or naked...Just talk with me.

    Email me your offers! And remember , This is a trade to trade a char from Venus for a char in Mercury!
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    Sounds like a horrible trade...... You should have way better gear than that by now....

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    I have been playing on Mercury ever since ogp left, and this char just been sitting there the entire time like a car with no driver :/

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    at least spell at least right ~.~ idk why but annoyed me a lot

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    Done ahaha

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    Wait what was spelled incorrectly? Also that shouldn't matter if it sat or not. Unless you sold the gear on it lol. Which is a possibility.....

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    Thats exactly what i did, sold all of his old gear and transferred the remaining on to mercury. I would transfer him but I don't have the cash..4399 ecoins is almost $50 usd that est soft charges us.. And i dont have that kinda money to blow lol

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    bump titty bump, bump bump

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