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Thread: "Restart game to receive update

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    "Restart game to receive update

    my ticket to help desk but instead of giving solutions they sent me here :/

    *You wrote

    okay here's what i did exactly:

    1-removed kaspersky completely from my laptop
    2- turned off all the firewalls on my laptop
    3- downloaded new client (NA-Global is what i'm using)
    4- uninstalled my current client (NA-Global also)
    5- used ccleaner to remove any cabal folders
    6- i manually checked if there's any cabal folder left
    7- restarted my laptop
    8- checked firewalls (off) and checked if there's any trace of kaspersky
    9- installed NA-Global client with no problem
    10- ran as admin.
    11- update 333.dat is downloaded then GG comes on next
    12- GG is done without any problems
    13- login screen comes on i fill in the ID and password and i try to log in but can't

    the errors i get:

    "Restart game to receive update" when i try to log in

    "update raised error fileinfo.dat" when i hit check files

    there you hate... a detailed of what is done for the last 30 minutes. is there any steps that i did wrong? what's wrong with the new update?
    it all started when 1-11-2012 maintenance occurred..is it any related to the problem i have?
    my laptop fills the system requirements for the game to run. and it worked just fine before 1-11-2012
    please help me.. i don't want to reinstall and uninstall the client anymore..I've done that too many times..it's tiring and time consuming..

    please hurry...
    and thank you for your hard work

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    i got prob like u , just where r u from? and ill send u sol

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    I'm from kuwait
    it\s really frustrating
    i really need to play cabal.. but the last maintenance screwed up everything >.<
    plz send me the solution i really need it..and it better work xD or i'm gonna go jackie chan on my laptop

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    do u know what they do?
    they block cabal from all arab cuntry. Why? we dont know.

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    i don't think that's the case o.o

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    seriously... stop ignoring the post..atleast reply and say that you're working on it
    i wish that help desk would stop sending me here cuz this place is useless :/

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