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Thread: hack nation war (110-139. Mercury)

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    hack nation war (110-139. Mercury)

    I am regularly involved in nation war (110-139I am regularly involved in nation war (110-139. Mercury) , Procyon . Here are a FS named: iVegi (capella).he used the hacker a terrible and often in a week, cause imbalance and frustrating for everyone . I hope that GM will processed.

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Aug 2012
    iVegi dont hacll lmfaoo.
    He got +15 gears .

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    Shadow Titanium Daedgo's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    But what kind of hack u say? cuz if u get pawned in 3 hits thats not hack, thats bcuz of his set, and the other kind of hack is the map and speed hack, if u see that he floods a ton of skill at the same time then hes hacking.

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    How could you accuse him of hacking if you even didnt see his gears and weps? go cap and you would know he rolls in war.

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    LOOOOL This is cute, i feel loved am i going to have to go proc? ~_~

    and thank you to the three people who defended me haha, this guy is obviously just mad

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Aug 2012
    Vegi that means no op gears bro D
    Wear ur Normal ones xD

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    i wonder what they'll say once i upgrade my weapons and rings kaka

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    Miami Effin' Florida to party.
    stfu vegetables

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    FS can not do I took over 4000 HP. in khi do index my defense is 876. if for is iVegi character with weapons +15, can not create is so powerful attacks . character XXXSAMXXX Procyon party can testify . I confirm that the character "iVegi" hacking in nation war (110-139).GM please check will clear.(Time 7/1-7/7/2012).

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