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Thread: hack nation war (110-139. Mercury)

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    i've done 6.7k with battle mode 3 on in that tier with my character, i'm pretty sure i can do at LEAST 5k on you with mortal bane on and amp/attack pots. besides all that, the most i can do with my weapons and no bm is around 4k soooo, idk what you're talking about lol

    where are the GMs on this thread? cause i'm pretty sure calling someone a hacker unjustifiably is against the TOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinh92 View Post
    FS can not do I took over 4000 HP. in khi do index my defense is 876. if for is iVegi character with weapons +15, can not create is so powerful attacks . character XXXSAMXXX Procyon party can testify . I confirm that the character "iVegi" hacking in nation war (110-139).GM please check will clear.(Time 7/1-7/7/2012).
    You should fix your english or proofread what you say before you accuse people of hacking. Especially when you can't provide what "hack" they're using and haven't even seen their gear. Not everyone uses +0s.

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