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Thread: B> any of these class (150+) FS WA WI (Naked + Tyrant/Killian(or merg) rings

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    B> any of these class (150+) FS WA WI (Naked + Tyrant/Killian(or merg) rings

    I want to buy either a FS, WA, or WI. I don't care for them to be geared, I'd prefer a naked character to be honest. If I get lucky,I want the character to have a Leth Tyrant ring, Killians ring (i'd prefer it over a mergs but, that's a bonus), also for another bonus it'd be nice if it had a RoL+2 char bind (but like I said, that's a bonus). Other than that all I'm looking for is for it to be male.. if it's a female, depending on if I'm really interested, I may still purchase it. Also, I don't care for the nation, I just want it to have a good honor rank. I'd prefer 10+ but like I said for the male thing, It all depends on how interested it is. To be honest the rings are good enough for me. If you have anymore questions, offers, interests, feel free to comment below, inbox me on here, or inbox my in game character: xDestro.

    Thanks for your time all!

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    Ok will do, and bump.

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    Shadow Titanium
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    buy my wa.
    havent use it for a week now

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    S> Lv.155(WA) proc-male, has bm3 stage 3, merg ring, hr9 only

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