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Thread: Werehouse 2nd page

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    Werehouse 2nd page

    Hello, I can not put things in my 2nd page werehouse can someone explain why?

    some more detail:

    -item is not character or account binding
    -i have penty of alz on character and in bank
    -I can take things out of my second page warehouse but cant put it back in
    -my first page of my werehouse is fine
    -I tried it on 2 charcter same problem.

    a guildmate suggested that there might be some kind of requirement to use the 2nd page of the werehouse right...I just started play cabal again after 3years, i understand things have change i was wondering if this was true and what the requirement is.
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    You have to be lvl 100 to put things in the second page so that might be why

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    Not just lvl 100 but also finish the BSLV quest - (rankup quest) in order to access the 2nd tab in your warehouse. This applies also to any character in your charater list they to must complete the requirments.

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