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Thread: Force Blader Help

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    Question Force Blader Help

    Hello, I'm a more or less a new FB player. I've been using the following guides to help out a bit. http://cabalonlineforcebladerguide.b...rd-skills.html

    Are they reasonable guides? Also are Impact Stab and Rising Shot worth it? I'm LVL 79 and my current Sword Skills are Force Slash, Force Assault, Abyssal Crystal, Illusion Stab all LVL 20 and Infernal Stigma at LVL 18 and DoR at LVL 20. Dash and Fade Step LVL 9. Magic Skills are the basic buffs (Aqua Affinity, Wind Movement, Earth Guard, Blade buffs) with only Earth Guard maxed. All Cannons at LVL 15(I don't use BM1 much), and Enervation and Lower Defense at LVL 18 and Execration at LVL 12. Anyways, my Hotbar, Quick slot thing goes Fade Step>Dash>Combo>Skills>HP Pot>BM1>BM2(HP Pot is 0). I use 2 Quick slots. 1st combo thing goes Infernal Stigma>Force Assault>Force Slash>Illusion Stab>Abyssal Crystal>Dance of Ruin. 2nd Combo is the same just w/o Infernal Stigma. Any suggestions?
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    The guides appear to be decent, but of course they're only guides, you should tailor your character to your own playing style. Impact Stab is the second best dps skill in the game after force kick, good for pvp. Rising Shot is usually a filler skill in pvp. Buffs should be maxed, cannons should be maxed as BM1 will come in handy eventually at higher lvls, although some people choose not to max wind cannon to save skill points, up to you. Enervation should be maxed at this point, personally I don't use lower defense for anything other than luring, so i kept mine at lvl 1 to save skill points, again up to you. Infernal Stigma should NOT be used in anything other than pve, and personally I barely use it for even that because the cast time is so slow.

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