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Thread: Selling 180 BL hr 13

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    Selling 180 BL hr 13

    here is the details of the char

    Red osm blade of outragous +15
    Red osm blade of outragous +15 (8% amp)
    2x bof+7
    vamp earring +5
    Drosnins alot of em with different good stats
    aop+4/vamp amulet +4
    rof+9x2, rol+2x2, killian ring, Force absorb ring+4
    Forcium helm of deathblow+9 27 dmg/ S,titanium helm 24 dmg/7 amp
    Forcium Suit of outragous +10
    Mystic martial boot of outragous+15
    Sig metal gloves +15 3 hp steal
    Ruby charm+1
    K red
    Belt of damp+4/belt of vital+4

    Comes with halloween costume, laser blade skin, halloween blade skin
    Pirate hat

    Amp maxed
    Hp maxed
    Attack maxed
    str lvl 3
    dex lvl 3
    Def rate maxed

    Honor lvl 13 at 50% to hr lvl 14

    message me offers or mail me in game Julliane

    rerolling to FA
    Prisoner, by my heart and Chained by my soul,
    Fed by the brain While the body suffers it all.


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    how much for it??

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    i wanna buy 700m for it ? please let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by derick View Post
    i wanna buy 700m for it ? please let me know
    troll......:...... .!.

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