Ok, so I bought a CVS gift card, because I don't have a credit card. I spent $30.00 USD and was very excited when I got home to enter the gift card number and pin, and get my e-coins. However I encountered this : "Sorry, only cards beginning with 610190150, 6101902, 61019030, 610190301, 610190302, 610190303, 610190309, 61019031, 61019032, 610190500, 6101906 or 603758625 are currently supported for this retailer."

Why isn't there a warning about this?? I went to buy a CVS gift card specifically for this, but looks like I can't use it. This, I believe, is a big problem. ESTsoft didn't steal my money, however, they basically tricked me into wasting my money on a CVS gift card, where I'll now have to spend at CVS, when I don't want to..I'll save the money for now, if you guys can resolve my problem.