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Thread: Massive Dissconect (error: 6, type: 421)

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    Massive Dissconect (error: 6, type: 421)


    Today, I logged into game, and everyone was getting disconnected (except for bots). Not one minute pass and get disconnected.

    I'm also getting this when disconnected... error: 6, type: 421.

    There is clearly something going on here, I hope GM read this and fix soon.


    cabal error.jpg
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    I'm also getting disconnected every 45-60 seconds.
    Yesterday I wasn't disconnected once.

    Its the same as Chris says, Error 6, type 421

    I was playing Cabal with little to no crashes, I hope it returns to the way it
    has been.

    Thank you.
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    I to logged in and was playing without an issue on ch3 today. Then I desided to check ch8 and I noticed it was somewhat empty. So I jumped to ch8 to see what was going on and found that there was an Alz spammer shouting in normal a set of scrambled letters, no sooner did I notice this when I DC-ed. I relogged into ch3 and again after 40-45 sec I DC-ed so I desided to close down my client and start relog from scrach. This time when I logged into ch3 I was fine. Now I thought lets check other channels so I jumped into ch19 then ch5 and then ch1 and not once did I DC. So my conclusion is that the problem my lie with the Alz spammers on ch8 or something with ch8.

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    i got the same error

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    i have the same problem

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    I too have the same problem. The game was working fine for me the last two days since I started then this happens. I think there was a maintenance last night right? Or is it suppose to happen today? Anyways, they outta have it fixed. >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peekay View Post
    Exactly what we have. I think they have I guess. I think they've been having connection issues lately. Let's hope they come up with a solution quick. Meanwhile, I think I'll not play Cabal today until they fix the problem. ._.' It is annoying trying to quest like this.

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