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Thread: Minesta stone

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    Question Minesta stone

    Hi, I quit a few months ago and just came back to Cabal a week ago, I have a lvl 158 BL and I got my 70 clones for book 3 of BM3 and went to the desert scream alchemist and didn't see the BL/Wi Minesta stone to craft my BM3, I have full BM3 on FS but now I can't find the stones, can any 1 tell me if it's been moved or bugged? I sent a help ticket in and lol wasn't too helpful they just directed me to the forum any help would be appreciated (trolls will be ignored) Thanks to whoever helps

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    Talk to chloe in PL. She's to the left of the storage.

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    They aren't sold at the alchemists anymore. You need to go to Port Lux, and speak with the new npc Chloe. She's beside the warehouse npc. You will also need to go to her in order to craft the BM3 book.

    Edit: Whoops, berserk beat me to the punch.

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    Thank you guys much appreciated I even tried googling it and kept sending me to websites and youtube that came out right after bm3 came out lol but again ty so much.

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