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Thread: Questions about Basic Craft System Successful Rate

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    Red face Questions about Basic Craft System Successful Rate

    Hi Everyone

    The new basic craft system allows us to craft some items twice with same materials but double results in 1 trial.

    For example:

    At 5000-5999 Amity, we can craft 1 slot extender low, using 80 fcp and 40 extender circuits and 20 fchh
    but if we are at
    At 6000-6999 Amity, we can craft 2 slot extender lows, using 120 fcp and 60 extender circuits and 30 fchh

    is the success rate different? Is it more likely to be successful at higher amity lvl (6000-6999) or lower amity lvl (5000-5999)?

    Im hoping to hear your advice from anyone with experience or knowledge about crafting.
    Thank you so much for reading

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    All fails like crazy
    guild leader

    I'm sorry I'm so blunt if you dont like it grow up beating around the bush is for kids

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    that doesn't sound good >.< but thank you for your reply

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