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Thread: Entirely new to game and looking for FB guide

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    Entirely new to game and looking for FB guide

    So the title explain what this post is about. i started the game yesterday as a force blader and i was wondering if anyone can give me like a basic guide on how to build it. Like what are the stats like and the basic gear i need. thanks

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    Well for starters, its better to follow the Auto Stat button every time you level and when u reach the certain level like uhhh,.. 70+ focus more on Battle sets Eg(Osmium battleset).. Ofcourse its better to save up.. Until you reach lvl 100 and theres when you blow them up XD
    And for Weaps I think its better to go for Katana + Orb o_o.... Mehhhh -_- just do all the quests focus on ur Skill rank.. blah blah blah
    Str = Atk Dmg
    Int = Magic Dmg
    Dex = Atk rate/ Def rate

    Recommended Skills (Must be Maxed lvl 20)
    Force Assault
    Force Slash

    Thats all I remember havent play for Ages -.-

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    Press C and look at your stat requirements for the next rank up.

    build your STR/INT/DEX equal to those requirements, and put any extra points into DEX. On FB you it's easy to not mess up though. By the time you're past lv.100, you will want no more than 309 str and int, as long as you don't pass that you are okay.

    Gear isn't a big deal until around lv.100-ish (maybe a bit less), and I don't wanna flood you with information, but basically keep your Critical Rate as high as you can (as close to 50 as you can get it) because thats the most important stat. Attack, Sword Skill Amp, and Critical Damage = offensive stats, these will make you hit harder. You want Amp on glove, suit, boot. You want Crit Damage on katana, helm, crystal.

    Skills are much more important than gear. Deleting old skills requires spending money, and its one of the most common ways new players waste theirs. By doing these right the first time, you can save yourself a lot of alz.

    Get these "Upgrade" skills as soon as you can (you'll gain more room for skills as you rank up) because they help your stats a lot:

    Vitality Mastery (HP) - available at lv.1
    Offensive Sense (Attack) - available at lv.10-30-ish?
    Defensive Sense (Defense) - available at lv.10-30-ish?
    Impact Control (Attack) - available at lv.80
    Damage Absorb (Defense) - available at lv.80
    Sixth Sense (Evasion) - available at lv.80, but wait until you're lv.100


    For Attacking skills:

    Eventually you will want these skills lv.20 (wait until you're around lv.80 or so) but keep them lv.1-9 in the beginning to save mp potions

    Flash Draw, Force Stab, Force Break will NOT be used in endgame but you can use them at a low level when other skills arent available yet

    These ARE used in endgame, these are skills you keep:
    Impact Stab
    Force Slash
    Force Assault
    Rising Shot
    Force Kick
    - These are your "filler skills", fast skills that you use during the time that your three big skills are cooling

    Dance of Ruin
    Infernal Stigma
    Abyssal Crystal
    Force Impact
    These are lv.80+ "big" skills, and they're a bit different than some of the skills before because these aren't put at lv.20. Because of their usefulness, they are kept a lower level (which allows them to be used more often). Exactly how often you want them to be used depends on how good your stats are (better stats = high level) you should keep the first two lv.9 up until at least lv.140. The 3rd can be 12-15.

    Infernal Impact
    Seal of Damnation


    Magic Skills:

    These are basically your buffs and debuffs, FB doesn't attack with magic

    Don't get every debuff you see, a lot of them are useless, and a lot of the good debuffs dont come until you're lv.60+.

    Get all the buffs except resist intension, when you get lightning blade, lower fire and ice blade back to lv.1

    Lower Defense - get it and keep it lv.1, you wont use it a lot
    Darkness (lv.90) - you can max it for now, eventually can be lowered to 18 after lv.140

    lv.20s (max)
    Hard Luck
    Field of Excretation
    Field of Enervation
    Mana Freeze



    At a low level your choices for comboing aren't great. Here are some pve combos.

    Force Assault > Force Slash > Impact Stab > Rising Shot > Dance of Ruin > Abyssal Crystal

    fill in the blanks as you get those skills, the ones you dont have, replace them with other lower level skills you have available until you do get them.

    At lv.100: Force Assault > Force Slash > Assassinate > Infernal Impact > Seal of Damnation

    Just as FB skill levels change as you get higher level, so do your combos. FB isn't exactly a 'preset same combo used every time' type of class. Theres a lot of room for improvisation and the balance between your "quick" filler skills and your three big skills will change after 140. Generally you want a couple of fillers at the start of a combo with your big skills near the end of a combo.
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    Thank you

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    Peaches, it seems you left out the cannons for BM1, do you not use BM1 ever?
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    i also just started the game :<

    any help with regards to wizards will be much appreciated!

    huggies and kissez to anyone who helps me.. i deliver :3

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