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Thread: Critical Rate vs. Damage vs. Defense - discuss

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    Critical Rate vs. Damage vs. Defense - discuss

    3 mcr in glove 3 mcr in suit , 1 40/7 topaz crystal, 1 40/7 helmet

    If you had a choice, what would you do ?

    Build 1 : 3 mcr and 3 dmg pet, 2x 40/7 topaz, 2 x 8 amp dmg equiv. prideus, aop7 = 68 rate, +2cd
    Build 2 : 6 dmg pet, fc crafted 2 slot crystal +15, 62 rate, ~ + 50 m atk and 2 amp
    Build 3 : 3 mcr & 3 dmg pet, 2x 40/7 topaz w/ rol3, 2 slot fc 7 amp helmet &crafted fc suit +15 , 62 rate , + ~ 80 def and ~+200 hp

    which build would you choose and why ?
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    I'll choose 1 because rate and damage are both big pluses for a FA's dps.

    Okay, I gave my opinion, now it my turn to ask something out of topic.

    So Ive been working on the 3 notes advice you've given me and I finally came up with a tune (something you'll probably laugh about if you knew)

    My chords are F, G, A minor and C. The down strumming fits perfectly and I think youve helped me alot so thanks for the tip. But can you like give me a demo of your own whatever song. A sneak peak kind of video, of whatever kind of song you'd could play. So then I can see if I really got what you were talking about. my fingers hurt so bad right now but im so happy its a no-pain-no-gain kind of feeling. lol
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