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Thread: Someone help me

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    Someone help me

    hey i been playing cabal with my fb and i think i got good gear here have a look
    osmium headgear deathblow +8 20% crit damage 7% crit damage= 27% crit damage
    osmium coat outrageous +6 100 hp sword skill amp 7%
    topaz orb amp +5 20 crit% damage all amp up 4%
    shadow titanium boots amp+7 100 hp 3% amp
    shadow titanium gloves absorption +6 hp steal 4% one slot open
    redosmuim katana deathblow + 8 20% crit 6% crit = 26% crit damage (trying to get it to + 15)
    braclets that add up to 3% hp steal
    2 kailth earrings
    3 crit rate rings 1 crit damage all +1
    vampric amulet +3
    k red board
    epaulet of fighter +6 or sometimes eqaulet of yaun
    my combo is force kick assasinate force assault force slash seal of damnation
    someone pls help me i dont know if its my gear or its me or my combo pls someone help me my fb name is omegashildes i know i spelled it wrong
    so bye )
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    get amp in gloves with hp % steal
    also Aop+5 is nice
    get bracelets with amp (if u need more vamp use force absorb rings and vampiric amulets)
    Change ur earrings for vampiric ones
    a nice pve combo u can use (after u debuff target)
    seal of damnation 9, force assult 20, force slash 20, assasinate 9 then swith between 2 finishers* infernal impact 18 and abyssal crystal 9
    for pvp use ur imagination id start with seal of damnation since it gives u nice debuffs on the target

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    Trying Rais your Hp and Amp and CDI You will be Bro pvp Best of Luck

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