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Thread: Bm3 Crafting? Help where to get this item?!!

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    Bm3 Crafting? Help where to get this item?!!

    Ok so i may be level 108 in Cabal as a FB, But just for future help so i know where to get this.. Where do you obtain tranes's from to craft bm3? I know everything else besides this. I looked around on the forums already about some of this but it wasnt helpful because the topic is outdated with the game. They no longer have Trane's where you're character started at or in Bloody ice Alchamist.

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    u CAN craft bm3 at ur lvl but u'l only be able to use it after ur lvl 130 rank up
    get to 130 then worry bout bm3

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    i just did this a few days ago, and that part confused the heck outta me too. But all you need to do is get 40 stains and talk to Chloe in portlux, she sells trance force for 23 mil and allow you to craft bm3.

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