The following is a guide to using our AP/DP Savers. We will use an AP Saver as an example.

Step 1: Acquire AP Saver.

This can be done via our Item Shop, or Agent Shop which will be explained in step 3.

Step 2: Using AP Saver

Once AP Saver is acquired you may then insert AP into the item. This can be done by right-clicking the item. Once you right-click the item you will see the following:

As you can see above the Saver deducts AP from your Current AP and places it into the AP Saver.

Please Note: The Saver will not accumulate AP on its own; you must place it into the item. Also as seen above you may only save AP once, meaning if you wish to store the max AP you must have at least 50 AP in your Current AP. You may not store 20 AP, then later store 30 more on the item. Once you store 20 AP the item will be capped and only hold 20 AP.

Once you store AP in the AP Saver it will looks as follows:

Please Note: If you use an AP Saver that currently has AP stored on it the item will add the amount stored to your Current AP as seen below:

Once this is done, the Item will then be depleted and disappear. So if you wish to sell, or trade this item then please avoid using the stored AP.

Step 3: Selling, Trading, or Purchasing AP Saver.

Once you store AP in the AP Saver you may want to sell via our Agent shop or through a personal trade with another player. The use of the item is completely up to you.
If you wish to purchase the item from the Agent Shop it will be located in the following location:

As you can see above AP Savers will be located under the Functional Items tab, and then under Other Special Items. Once you purchase the Item you may then use it as instructed in Step 2.

We hope this guide was helpful for you. If you still need further assistance with our AP Savers please ask us via our Help Desk and we will gladly assist you. Also please note all the above steps are the same for DP Savers.