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Thread: Top 7 Guilds on Cabal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hash View Post
    1. Seireitei
    2. Tang
    3. BrownieApocalypse
    4. iHashArmy
    5. iBakeBrownies
    6. BrowniesBeatCake
    7. GanjaGods
    8. iHashedAussie
    9. I'mRunningOutOfGuilds...Let'sJustSayXI
    10. 10InchesUnbuffed

    You forgot Sharpiesniffers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathlymonkey View Post
    You forgot Sharpiesniffers
    u sound just like deathmonkey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notavi View Post
    Its really not fair comparing us to "old tang members" when most of us surpass them already. And Sae thanks for disrespecting me while i was on vacation in t2 . My main is still in t5 and im still warring in t5 mainly . GG trying to troll. And competing against BurN? a Little y much? And Tang isnt one of the top guild? but once people start talking bout top guild, our name started floating around either because of haters or admires - I personally dont care, but when people start talking trash I'll make them look dumb. Ps : xSae , You got more faces than high school girls
    o.o when did i disrespect you? and is it wrong about tang being dead as a guild? i was there first for like 2-3 weeks on my wiz and was just to boring i had to leave and now on the other wiz and it was even more boring man lol
    not saying u guys are not like a family cuz not even sei and most of the guild out there have that besides you guys and my guild (Spartans) and i rlly admire that but doesnt change the fact the guild as it is is dead/not active.
    besides the of herpes called me an alz buyer so i have nothing to do in tang with that around.

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    Tang has me, and I have my power pole that puts us top 7 already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notavi View Post
    You must be from Venus. We got the right to troll ; Not like you guys are any better.
    Need I remind you that Tang was from Venus?


    Of course in 100% of "... the top 5" or whatever threads there is flaming and trolls. Simply put, everyone has a different perspective of who's number 1. So that really nullifies the need for an "order" to the list.

    It'd be far better to simply sa X+Y+Z are the top 3 atm. Not X = #1, Y = #2, and Z= #3.

    Also, what are you basing it off of? How strong their members are? How many guild points they have? How fast they run dungeons? How much they war? How active they are? You have to specify what is being compared to for ranks too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xFaLL3NxAng3L View Post
    when someone talks about top guild its only tang members who nominate themselves nowadays.. just saying
    i love u tho bro not tryna troll
    Didnt know Hash was in Tang Sorry bro. You're really smart for a black guy

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    Tang vs. BurN lets do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gachiennuocman View Post
    u sound just like deathmonkey
    I don't know who you are, but your lack of trolling skills amuse me. Keep entertaining me please :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romp View Post
    Tang vs. BurN lets do it.
    OOOOHH fawken adorn loool

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    I 1v10'd burn and won ez

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