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Thread: S>182 FA 83% to 183 Hr14

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    S>182 FA 83% to 183 Hr14

    182 Fa 83% to 183 Honor rank 14 38%
    Comes with Char:
    Leth Ring+Merg Ring.
    40 Def Drosnin.
    level 8 pet(nothing special in slots)
    Gear- 7/40 Sigmetal Helmet+15
    Teragrace Coat of Outrageous+13(2 slot) filled with hp.
    Sigmetal Gloves of Outrageous+11(1 slot) filled with hp steal.
    Sigmetal boots of Outrageous+8(1 slot) filled with hp.
    Runes- Hp Maxed
    M.Attack maxed
    Defense level 10
    and some other ones.
    Costumes- Pumpkin Helmet/Fists of Rage/Freed Costume. Weapon skins- Plasmium Orb/Water elemental/ Halloween Orb/ Candy cane orb.

    Sold Separately- Ros+10
    Bos+7 x2
    Craftman's Forcium boots+12 8% amp 3% resist amp(1 slot) filled with hp.
    Vamp Earring+6

    Leave offers here or private message me here.
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