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Thread: Add Circuit Jewel Lv3 for sale in NPC

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    Add Circuit Jewel Lv3 for sale in NPC

    Like title says, can you add stacks of Circuit Jewel Lv3 in Chloe's Craft Shop?

    - No more buying Amulet of Guard+4 for extracting lol (Repetitive, boring and time consuming labor)
    - Fixed sell price, it'll benefit the accesory crafting for lower tiers. (Chloe's sells lower tiers craft mats, why not CJ3?)

    Maybe add stacks of CJ Lv4 in Fort Ruina, we can obtain those from the Bracelet/Earrings the NPC sells there.

    Please note that i dont want FREE craft materials, you can obtain them from the NPC's transmuting existing items.


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    bump for... reasons.

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