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I'm going back to Diablo 3....What's the point of getting new content if everyone is gonna use the same combo now?

That and using one root now sends them both into cooldown.....Everyone should be happy now that FB's got nerfed
Any ability that can't be countered as often as it can be used is probably considered OP....root could only be countered once and only by 3 classes for a short duration...afterwards a 2nd root didn't allow anyone to defend against it without paying money in cash shop or being the lucky few with titles that gave you enough resistance to FB debuffs and roots.

Overall, FB should have never been allowed to render other classes 100% useless over and over again....so hope you enjoyed your OPness while it lasted....and just to clarify, I am not a FB hater, I love FB, it was my 2nd favorite class (to FS)...I am simply a realist though and I feel that FB had far too many unfair advantages over other classes...that's why there were so many FB's in NW...double root, MF, delevel, range reduction, DOTs, fastest attack skills in the game..etc. You can't tell me that isn't OP and a bit unfair since every other class was extremely limited in their ability to defend against all those debuffs.