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Thread: Did Wizards get nerfed?

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    Did Wizards get nerfed?

    I was planning on rerolling as a Wiz, but episode 10 hit, and now im hearing that wizards , and in war are a fraction of what they used to be...
    Really wanted to reroll as a T5 wiz, but if they really did get nerfed im thinking of FB unless they at war to now

    Also i heard their defence got nerfed really bad so they worse in pve... what about pvp/war aspects, ik every1 got more hp and defense, but did they become better in war?

    Do FB's have it "easier" then wizards w/ their benefits being more directed to war, so they still shine in that area?
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    Nah they didnt get nerfed, they got a nice boost actually.. But their bm2 Dmg was balanced I heard.. Since they had one of the best bm2s

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    Everyone's damage in war has been cut down. Or rather, everyone is tankier than before.
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    Oh alright thanks, on my lvl 60 wiz, i noticed Dark Bladers hit a lot harder... But that 88 m.atk passive buff also gave me more dmg so i can 2 shot them

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