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Thread: Good PVP Combo from this Update !! Being a FS class..

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    Good PVP Combo from this Update !! Being a FS class..

    would like to know the good DPS combo for our class (FS) after the update Rising Force Episode 9

    Thnx.. )

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    DPS hmm... Not sure but maybe Shield Grenade lv20- shield charge lv20- impact stablv20 -and then shield grenade again..
    or u cud just use Force kick then combo spam SG-SS-SG-SS etc...

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    No need to mention level's of skills anymore because all level 20 skills will do more DPS than any other level since cooldown's don't change anymore and cast times have been set close to, if not exactly what level 1 cast times were in the old system.

    For the most part though, I still see no need to go away from SG, SS combo...you can repeat those two skills forever and having the bonus CD on those two still makes them superior than any other FS skill, except SB...SB can do insane damage when it crits and you get the full 15 hits...then it does more damage than both SG and SS.

    For instance, I've seen my SB do 700 each hit...while my SG may do 1500 (1st hit), 1500 (2nd hit), 3000 (3rd hit).....so my SG would do 6000 dmg and my SB would do close to 10,500 dmg (if I get the full 15 hits...sometimes it only does 9 or various other amts)...but overall, orange text skills are weird like that.

    Oh and almost forgot, you might want to toss some other skills in strategically (such as shield charge for the suppression effect...this effect is down right powerful in my opinion)...so SC will likely be something I use a lot more...it works nice on some of the bosses I've fought so far.
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    Since EP10 really changed things CD in skills you may as well just do SG-SS spam. If you're in mortal bane you can add fillers like impact stab and rising shot, but for the most part I feel it's just better to just SG and SS.

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