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Thread: Build for a wiz after new EP9! (Help needed)

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    Smile Build for a wiz after new EP9! (Help needed)

    Atm, I want to increase my dmg...

    Current build for pvp/dungeons is:

    BUILD #1
    42 amp
    115 cd
    38 cr
    2044 matk

    was considering getting x2 topaz orb of outrageous+9 (7/20) instead of using x2 2 slot forc+8 orbs, BUT not sure if it'd be better, thinking of changing a few items, and upgrading some stuff but my new stats would be:

    BUILD #2
    60 amp
    115 cd
    46 rate
    1974 matk

    what I planning on changing if i go to my 2nd build is my;
    helm: osm db +11 30%cd ---> osm+9 pc rate 8/20
    rings: x3 rol, x1 cr1 ---> merg + rol2, x2 cr1
    bracelets: x2 bos+4 ---> bos+3 slotted amp
    orbs: x2 forc orb 2 slot+8 20%cd ---> x2 topaz orb outrageous+9 7/20

    Should I go with build 2, or stay with build 1 and just edit it a bit? any suggestions? please & thnx!

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    Shameless bump!

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    I'm uncertain, as I don't play wiz, but I'm pretty sure the second build would be better due to more crit rate and amp. Just my opinion though. The 70 att you lose shouldn't be much of a concern. Again, not sure.

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    Yeahh, that's what i'm thinking too, but I want to get some opinions from ppl before i fully go through with this build as it would cost me a good 800m to complete, not sure if i should just get rate helm, and merg + rol2, w/ x2 topaz orbs of db or if amp is better, i know a lot of ppl are rolling around with resist amp gloves/belts now soooo that gives me doubts about the amp build.... hmm.

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    Dont go with outrageous orbs. Switch the helm to the 8rate osmium and then get 30%crit dmg topaz/sig orbs, and upgrade to 40%s or better when you have enough alz. Binding amp orbs is a waste of money considering you can't resell them, and it isn't even an optimal build.

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    hm if i do go with a cd/cr build instead of amp, should i get build with:

    50% rate, 142 cd


    45% rate, 149 cd?

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