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Thread: Need WI Help

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    Need WI Help

    I need a quick response about the ring i should use because ive asked ppl i know and overall its a mixed opinion

    Which one is better

    Have ros+10 but only 43 rate?


    Sell ros+10 and buy rol+2 for 55 max rate?

    Tell me what is better to have in war. Basically the question is.. is it better to crit more than have more def, cd, and attack?


    1. When do you guys usually use your short buffs in war?
    2. Is Acid Traps worth using on combo not talking about on bm2?
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    personally I dont like using acid trap other than bm2. I find it pretty slow on the DPS side

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    Personally, I think the standard four rings should be: Killian's ring, Tyrant's ring, ROL+2 and ROS+10 (FB and FS may not need ROL2, I suppose)

    About short buffs, I think everyone uses them base on his/her own experience. Join TG and mission battle for awhile, and you will learn

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    umm no tyrant yet and just killian and ros+10

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    Jewelry magician I use and is the most effective: killian ring, rings tyrant, RoS +10 and RoL +2 / +3

    Here the problem is that in Episode 9 as the magician him down as a% of their defense more than they already were, is obio +10 rings use more sage, if using bm2 + aura and / or bm3 + aura , that feeling anger and yourself.

    Do not use acid traps in bm2 is from personal experience I do not see as fundamental.

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