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Thread: tickets?

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    I know some of the GMs had to stay up pretty late because of the merge.

    Could it be possible to know around what time you're gonna start working on the tickets submitted since this morning? Like I said, start working on, because I know you probably got flooded with tickets regarding missing warehouse and auction house items and other hiccups of the sort.

    Just trying to figure out an estimated response-time for a friend's ticket.


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    Personally I don't see how those tickets will resolve anything. If they don't have a record of what we had you can ask for anything. If they do have a record of what we had it's evident that a list of items missing is pointless. If they knew what we had on each server you would just have to tell them your "server" warehouse is missing.

    Best of luck to you and your friend on resolving it though.

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    I hear you...

    The ticket I'm thinking of was sent regarding something else than missing items I'm just hoping it doesn't get burried up until it's too late for anything to be done about it

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    This isn't funny I had all my safeguards and enhanced cores in my bank and tons of entries, craft items along with a bit of regular cores. I really hope this is fixed soon.

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    Same for my sister. She lost some safeguards, blessing beads, pet extender (from the level up event), jewelry, lots of crafting items she had purchased with the alz she had in mercury knowing her crafter character from venus would be able to use them later on....

    I wasn't feeling comfortable with the whole fusing inventories and extra items being put in a temp inventory thing, so I had made sure all my items from mercury were on the 1 character I was going to keep as well as the alz. Looks like I made the right choice for once.

    I really hope they figure a way to either

    1. check on their backup data what was in storage and restore everything (I sure hope they have a backup somewhere)
    2. rollback and redo the merge correctly

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    OMG all my Blessing Beads too.. I forgot about those.

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    Potions (fighter, sage, traveler, flawless, etc), odd circles, honorable circles, summon scrolls were also prizes from the level up event if I remember correctly (trying to remind you of other stuff so you can write your ticket as close to accurate as possible)

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