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Thread: S>190 WA HR20 All Runes Maxed Crafter

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    S>190 WA HR20 All Runes Maxed Crafter

    190 WA HR20 All Runes Maxed out
    Crafter Craftsman Crafting 999
    Tyrant + ROL + Killian COMPLETE RINGS

    Account Bind:
    +15 /740 Shadow Titanuim Helm b/o 3.5B + XFER
    +15 RED OSM GS 14/80 c/o 4.3B + XFER b/o 5.5B+XFER

    Optional Items:
    +11 Craftsman Forci WA SUIT with 50HP on slot (SOLD)
    +11 Craftsman Forci WA Boots with 50HP on Slot b/o 1.8B
    +11 Craftsman Forci WA Gloves with MP Auto Heal on SLot b/o 1.5B

    Character Bind Items:
    4 Decent Drossin Earings full HP Full Def
    and 2 Other for HP / MP STEAL
    5 Decent Pridieus Bracelet
    Drei Frame Gauntlet WA 4%AMP w/Def +14
    Black Transmuter
    Craftsman Token
    Chloe Token
    Master Token

    Leave offers in Game or post your offers here or MAIL ME
    IGN:Jacq MIAL ME OFFERS or post offer here.

    c/o for just Character Naked 7.5B + XFER by Crusade
    *NEW* c/o for just character naked 8B + XFER by RougeKnight
    c/o for Just Character + GS = 13B + XFER by Tomo
    b/o for Character + Account BIND = 17B + XFER
    b/o for character NAKED = 10B + XFER

    2x BOF8's
    Drei Frame Epaulet of Fighter
    +15 Forcuim Craftsman Gloves (BL)
    +15 7/40 SIG METAL BLADE
    +15 Decent Forci Blade let me know what you have.
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    Shadow Titanium kenei's Avatar
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    I dont get what you craft?

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    its only maxed basic crafting.

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    C/o 8b for just character naked. B/o with account bind is set to 15b plus xfer

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    BUMP UPDATED c/o and b/o

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    A slight warning for anyone looking to buy this char. This is the same person who scammed Azula for his blader with a fake Western Union # and who also bought Kinematic's FA for USD. Stay Clear.
    MafiaBoss - The One FA
    Raz - 180 Wiz - Retired
    Feared But Never Forgotten

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