Up for Sale:

Mystic Blader Suit of Outrageous +15
2 Slots Filled with 50HP per slot (100HP total)
8% Sword Skill Amp Craft

Osmium Blader Shoes of Outrageous + 10
2 Slots Filled with 50 HP per slot (100HP total)
7% Sword Skill Amp Craft

Osmium Force Blader Gloves +9
1 Slot Filled with 7% Sword Amp
No Craft

Procyon Blader Level 180
Honor Rank 12
Mergaheph Ring
Mystic Hands Blader of Outrageous 1 Slot slotted with Hp Steal +10
Battle Mode 3 Stage 2
2 Lycanus blades and 4 or so Drosnins.
1 Drosnin +40 Hp Steal Limit (More info to come later)

Will fill in more information later.