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Thread: Found something nice for you bladers...

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    Found something nice for you bladers...

    Guide To Retargetting just the first few attacks of bm2...just the claws...i tried it on my own blader..too much effort =D but..its nice..
    Quote Originally Posted by The L3gend View Post
    Blader claw retarget guide

    Guide written by The L3gend (ign = TheLegend1986)

    This guide has the following contents :

    • Why this guide

    • Before you start

    • Breaking it down

    • Final comments

    Why this guide:

    Good question, yes why this guide? A lot of bladers and I mean a lot of bladers do not know how to retarget with just the claws. Ofcourse there are bladers that don’t want to know how to retarget like this or they are bladers that just can’t pull it off.

    I tried to find a guide like this for a long long time. Found some videos where a blader was doing it… YES I KNOW HOW IT LOOKS LIKE THANK YOU was usually my first reaction…

    But information about claw-retarggeting was rare and really hard to find how to get this to work. People who were able to do it did not share that much like they did not wanted to teach it.
    Usually they said was : attk, f5/escp, click repeat….. WOW U MUST U BE A GENIUS! Every guy that knows a little bit about retargeting knows this and besides its all about timing.

    Before you start:

    • I assume you know how to retarget after the kick (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHNrT...eature=related) If you don’t then learn that first cause this is way harder

    • Turn sound of so that you can focus on “the rhythm” that you are generating by mouse and keyboard

    • Make sure you have either: a good computer or an area where u can practice without any comp lags. If u have a low fps forget about this. 0.5 secs comp lag and your retarget serie is gone. Your game needs to be fluent, so either pk around in your area or accept that your fps is too low.
    Ah ye I noticed that I usually break if guild members login/logout or friends login/logout.

    • Be calm, you are not going to master this kind of retargeting over night. Hell it’s the most difficult retarget there is. Be calm and if it doesn’t work do something else. Avoid situations like this:

    • Make sure you have no cramps in your arms or what so ever! It is easy to get

    Breaking it down:

    Hell yeah finally some action here. So you are the blader that knows how to retarget after the kick but you want faster dps than that. You want the MAX!

    Ok try to follow these steps:

    1. Watch this movie with sound :
    http://zoome.jp/silverroze/diary/2 . U don’t need to watch it entirely but it gives you and impression. It loads slow I know but it is worth it.

    2. I know this guy uses ESC as a retarget button, I use F5. I place my ring finger on number 2 of the keyboard and my fore finger on F5. You are kinda binded to F5 but use the attack button you want.

    3. Now take a look how he presses his mouse and the speed of it. First try to click the same speed as he does (so just on your desktop) so that you get the hang of it. Do this for around 3 mins or if you think you have the speed correct then go to the next step. (btw I usually press a little bit faster than this guy)

    4. Ok now the keyboard movement. In the video u see three fingers. The two right fingers actually control the keyboard, the middle finger controls ESC and the right finger number 3 I think. Anyway hear that rhythm. And check the speed. He presses 3 ESC, 3 ESC. But note the rhythm and speed. Between the attack and retarget button there is less than a second time. If I would have to put my money it is about 0.2 seconds. And 0.5 seconds between series of attack and retarget button. Anyway hear the rhythm and try this again on your desktop or whatever so you can practice.

    5. Ok you have tried to get the mouse rhythm and keyboard rhythm.. Now the difficult part, together. Why this is difficult? Because mouse and keyboard have different rhythms (patterns) and somehow I messed up a lot by combining these two. (keyboard fingers went absurd fast or mouse finger got slower). Practice this on your desktop again and take the movie as your guide line. And really try to keep that pattern for both hands.

    6. Get a party, make sure that character doesn’t leave the party while you are practicing. (for example 2nd pc with 2nd account and party). This way you can retarget by using F5. Using F5 gave me the best results. Somehow if I pressed ESC it didn’t work for me, in other words I did not lose my focus or I exited game or something because that menu popped up and I got owned.

    7. Now go to a dummy. Some people say I can’t do it on a dummy. I can do it on a dummy so why can’t you. If you can’t do it on a dummy how are you going to do it on a boss or something? If you get a new gun you are not going to Iraq instantly right? You want to practice a little bit. Besides dummies don’t hit back and this retargeting is difficult enough so you don’t want any hp worries. ***NOTE*** With this retarget i have ***AUTO ATTACK OFF**

    8. Now to start, remember the patterns that you practiced. When I practice I always click a lot of times on the dummy before I actually start. What I tend to do is click my mouse faster than the rhythm in the beginning. That is because I have problems to start the retarget somehow. If I made some hits (3-4) then I go back to the pattern.

    9. Now the point is not to get the longest series but to get your retarget to get going fast (so that you start your retarget as fast as possible without wasting time)

    10. If you get a few successful series then try to adjust your mouse clicks according to your keyboard clicks. = attk button-> wait()->retarget button-> mouse click these are all dependent.

    11. U get something like this: ( fps is terrible with fraps so that is why I am having trouble, notice the slow down in the end ^^):

    Final comments:

    Well not much to say anymore, only that I am willing to receive comments about the guide or stuff to add. So let me know if I screw up big time somewhere.
    Once again, this guide isn’t perfect and it is not meant to be… You could see this as a stepping stone to achieve the bigger goal. I hope the guide will help you somehow to get the retarget working.

    If you still can't get it to work, repeat the mouse and keyboard exercises outgame. This way you get the rhythm right.


    The L3gend
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    My comp lags too much for esc or f5 to work

    EDIT: Once I got a new keyboard, I was able to do it. Once I got a new laptop, it looked better
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    Our retarget is different from other versions.

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    Don't break the keyboard =D

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    You can get a similar effect without having to retarget as long as you use different buttons.
    1.. 1.. 2.. 2.. 1.. 1.. 2.. 2.. etc.

    When you jump into the air as you kick, switch keys. When you land and kick again, switch back to the opposite. Spamming the same button you will pause between each cycle.
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    God Bless the update where u can change teh self target button

    i changed mine and placed it next to the normal attack butoon

    Mastered in a day the whole thing XD
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    I like the ability to change self target too. It helps. I've pretty much got 2-attack retargeting down. Now if I could just master single attack retargeting....

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiccaan View Post
    You can get a similar effect without having to retarget as long as you use different buttons.
    1.. 1.. 2.. 2.. 1.. 1.. 2.. 2.. etc.

    When you jump into the air as you kick, switch keys. When you land and kick again, switch back to the opposite. Spamming the same button you will pause between each cycle.
    Just to clarify, you're saying something like putting the "normal attack" skill in two different slots and not even bothering to cancel with, say 'esc' or 'self-target', with auto-attack turned off? Also can this technique be used to let you continuously use only the first attack ('claws') or does it only work with the first and second ('claws' and 'spin kick')?

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