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Thread: Blader VS Force Shielder Figure Diorama (Fan Creation)

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    Amazing o.o

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    Why is your BL not wearing any undies?? Nice work btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBlacker View Post
    yeah its a nice work but a little bit ga.y for a man.
    anyway im off.
    You'd be surprised but modeling and garage kit building has been a male dominated hobby/activity, 90% of the figures available for painting are female characters, they are mainly created for the enjoyment of guys, however, females have taken part in this activity in recent years (myself included, I started this hobby 8 years ago) and now the male/female ratio of modelers are 55/45 worldwide, so it's not ga y at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by owned View Post
    Why is your BL not wearing any undies?? Nice work btw.
    She does have panties! I'm guessing you didn't see the detailed pics on my site, but there's a close up on her and the panties are very visible

    And thank you! ^_^

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    Bout time you got them done
    Looking good
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    im a fan. fantastic work!

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    awesome work !!!

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    wow, the detail. nice nice
    In another dimension...Miavii is still alive

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    Those are outstanding!!

    I'd totally drop $19.99 for a likeness of one of my characters

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    Really nice work! You should take orders xD

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    I actually do take commissions, like I said, I make a living out of this activity :P but I'm full at the moment :P

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