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Thread: Dude Wiz Latency Combo

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    Dude Wiz Latency Combo

    Hi all, I would like to address a concern with my mage, eh trying many ways to make the dash blink combo with the magician and the bar is going and that I have no lag and the internet is fast now, what I think is my latency , to me sometimes 112ms 92ms mark and varies. algien can tell me all I need to get it right or asking me to have a broadband Internet bancha too fast to do a few tricks of the magician. or if not too much practice, move well, that'm learning every day. Well greetings and hope if anyone has the problem that I too can share me your opinion of how I try or if you got it.

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    When i had a WI i thought latency was the problem too but later i learned that it comes down to 2 things:
    1) Get the latency fix (u can find it on forum somewhere for sure)
    2) You have to press the keys at the right time (i was pressing the keys too fast so it never worked for me until i timed/slowed my keystrokes)
    so say u have u skill bar set up 1-Sprint 2-Blink 3-Skill u would press something like~combo+3+1+3+(2+3) this u press a little faster than usual but not too fast as it will break ur combo

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    Once I got the hang of it, it got so addicting (I feel bad for the nipperlugs) and its fun but in terms of utilizing fade or blink in combo there's a difference to it compared to just having fun playing with your combo mode.

    << My wi

    In a serious (you want to win kind of thing) pvp situation, the blink (for WI's) or fade in combo is a last resort kind of move. Only use it to extend your reach to hit a target that is 1 skill away from dying, especially when you have bad internet speed and you know that the blink is not going to work, why risk it? and you would want to play it safe by saving combo and delivering as much damage, importantly dps, as you can.

    I play on a laptop most of the time, and I travel a lot so there are wi-fi hot spots that are good and bad. But one thing I know, ever since this update, the latency has improved. Add Leatrix to that and GameBooster and I've done all these fancy combo moves more than before.
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    Well if I have latency problems even combo bar goes when I try to do such combo in freestyle and test, sometimes I go out there and most times not. so if I get that I have 100ms latency more about I can go right combinations dash + blink skill.

    Those programs that say you think I can use. I have a good experience with the wizard and try to get better at things that I can not be good and I practice until I leave.

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    I had the same problem, download this latency fix. It was meant for WoW but it works like a charm for Cabal also.

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