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Thread: Combo!

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    just because i'm to lazy to look through the forums and to search it up. can someone tell me a good pvp combo and for war also i would appreciate it
    When I get asked to run IC2

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    It actually depends on situations and opponent characters.

    Usually I use: FK, Force Assault, Force Slash, SoD, Assassinate, II (repeat last 3)
    This are for opponents characters that doesn't move around very much.

    But when an opponent moves around very much like FB or Blader, I use For Force Assault (fade step/dash during war WAR) from time to time to catch the opponent. Why SoD before Assassinate you may ask, is because of the resist crit rate and resist damage.

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    i feel like for war i like to do my pve combo which maximizes assassinate. its assassinate>fs>inf>assassinate>fs>trans skill>fs>assassinate repeat. I choose fs because it is a good quick filler.

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    How do you force kick in combo?! It doesn't work for me :/

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