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Thread: Character Stats: Getting to grips with the new system

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    Character Stats: Getting to grips with the new system

    Refer to Cabal EU GM Viral's post:
    If someone can put the whole post here it would be better.

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    Ayyu I've been lookin for something like this since the update. Thanks, man xD
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    One thing to note about that forum post is that some of the information is missing. For example, Force shielder increases Defense rate by 5 per point spent in dex or by .4 per point spent in str...The GM post doesn't mention the Str part....So I'm assuming there may be other omissions as well. Such as HP goes up by 2.5 per level and MP by 1.5 per level (for all classes so far)...but at higher levels this could change...but who knows because the GM does state that the HP formula has issues.

    In the end, they won't ever tell us everything...so we might as well test the stuff out ourselves anyway just to confirm what they've post (devs make mistakes too you know lol)...but I don't plan to continue figuring out the stat increases anymore....I don't play Cabal enough anymore to give it that much time and attention....I'm invested in other MMO's at the moment.

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