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Thread: On bikes

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    On bikes

    First off, the reason I'm indulging into this rather trite topic is after 5 years, I just dropped my FIRST bike.
    Second, I never did try the slotting back when FC's were in vogue in FR. And much less, I couldn't craft one 'cuz I swore I'd craft only my own dropped bike (which never came soon enough) and I couldn't drop the rare temporary FC from boss minions in Saints.

    After all is said, googling bike slotting and crafting procedures showed me results of a mixed of the OLD ways (mostly), and a few mentions here, then and nowhere of the NEW.

    So let's cut the chase:

    1. Is there a link I can read up on re: the NEW ways of slotting and crafting bikes? A patchnotes maybe? oh gawd, not wormy again

    2. If 1 isn't reliable, can anyone correct my notions before I even try these procedures (and burn alz in the process). I don't have the luxury of trial and error

    A. On Slotting

    i. If u start with 0 (white we used to call) slot, u first have to use bike slot converter (lv2 for blue and lv3 for RW3).
    ii. It has a fixed 85% success rate which can never be improved via upgrading to +9 or whatever (pls confirm this).
    iii. As the description in the item, u may use the slot converter "on bikes (2 slots or less)" so does that mean I can use 3x bike slot converters on the 0 slot (each try for slot at 85% success) for a possible 3 slot at the end?
    iv. If at any point slotting fails, bike is gone. True?
    v. Then for the 4th slot, use sem for blue and seh for rw3. Slot extenders have 100% success (like on gears).
    vi. So, 4 slots on bikes possible?

    B On crafting

    i. The Saints boss minions used to drop temporary FC (red ones) which are 100% successful. The Options of the FC are random tho. You can drop Will, Amp, w/e. They removed this. True?
    ii. Now u can craft the Epic bike converter (item which replaced the FC) only from Chloe at the entry level amity (999) of what used to be Basic crafting.
    iii. However, the recipe requires material core (bike) which u can get from breaking boards and bikes (i know i broke some k whites and blues), and from NPCs (pls confirm). Also, it needs bike parts which you can only drop from the mobs in Saints. True? No npc to buy from or stuff to break to get these parts off of?
    iv. When u craft the epic bike converter (crafting it isn't 100%), u can use it on the bike (again lv2 for blue and lv3 for RW3) with 100% success.
    v. The options granted on the bike is random, like it can again be will, amp, resist w/e.
    vi. Also, u can only use this item on a 2-slot (u can't craft 0 slots?) and +7 (at least) bike. True?

    srry for the wot. Ok, I guess i covered all the bases. Are there any misconceptions?

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