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Thread: Selling 190 Wizard / Crafter - For reals this time

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    Selling 190 Wizard / Crafter - For reals this time

    So I kinda quit, havent played in 2 months. Decided to sell this char.

    Lvl 190 wizard (20.3%), here's the info (if you need more info pm/mail me):

    Rol2/Killian's (no leth, 130ish ft2 runs )

    Basic craft (3500 amity)
    Martial Craft (10 000 gloves, 9000 boots)
    Amulet craft (4000 amity)


    For those who can't see:
    14amp mystic suit (CHAR BOUND)
    7amp/2mcr/2%hp steal sig gloves +15 B/O 4.5bil
    7/40 topaz orb +15 (ACC BOUND) C/o 4.5b B/o 5b+transfer
    7/30 topaz orb +15 (ACC BOUND)B/O 3b+transfer
    15m.atk/2m.amp/2rate resist/2def/2other slots PengB/O 1.3bil + Vouchers for the kit
    135hp/10def drosnin earring (CHAR BOUND)
    20hp/30def drosnin earring (CHAR BOUND)
    7/40 tit helm +15 (CHAR BOUND)

    Also some other basic gear :

    Acc bound:

    Shadowtit WI gloves +10 7amp/3%hp steal
    7/30 phery orb +10

    Char bound:

    +10 SIG wiz gloves 7%amp/2%hp steal
    +5 SIG wiz boots 7%amp/100hp
    +7 SIG orb 16%crit dmg/1slot (Potential 40%crit dmg)


    Crit ring +2
    BoS+7 x2
    Damp belt+4
    Belt of vital +4

    Also has Brazil Soccer uniform and Halloween dress.

    Only accepting serious offers, troll offers will be completely ignored and offers I believe are way under the price will also be ignored.

    Buyer pays transfer, and middleman has to be PeachesAndCr3am/Kenei/Krad/Katie/Kabe/Uberlisk/Lefty or another well known player that I like

    Pm offers on forum, I don't get in-game anymore.
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    ill buy that 7/40 topaz orb for 4b5

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    Quote Originally Posted by kouxiong View Post
    ill buy that 7/40 topaz orb for 4b5
    Noted, added b/o


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    How much for the s tit helmet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vepa View Post
    How much for the s tit helmet?
    Its tit and char binding, so unless you provide the unbinding stone i can't really sell it separately. If you wanna provide it, offer me (price will be lower if you do)


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    c/o on suilt?

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