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Thread: S> FB 182 or trade to WA

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    S> FB 182 or trade to WA

    S> FB 182 HR12 with BM3 stage 2 with 7999 basic craft

    +11 Sig Blade PC 26CD 1 slot
    +6 Sig Orb PC 26CD 1 slot
    +16CD pred. bracelet
    +8 ST helm 31/7
    Merg ring
    Leth tyrant ring

    Samp lvl3
    Att lvl8
    Def lvl6
    STR,INT lvl2
    Dex lvl3
    rest random runes

    REPLY HERE or MESSAGE ME IG iBeast or iDashQuick

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    i got a good warrior, pm me in game. IGN: Weeman

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