Hey Cabalians! Everyone excited for the new update?! Anyways, since it's getting released in a few days, I thought I'd make a discussion thread like GM Snow did (located here) for the Rising Force update. Let's hope some of the GMs aren't too busy preparing for the update (or busy in general) to join us in this discussion!

For starters, I'd like to point out some of the typos or possible mistakes in the patch notes.
-Under Notice>Main Site>Update Review, "August" is spelt "Auguest."
-Section 1 F. shows the wrong picture for the Repair Kit Box and is labeled incorrectly in the following box.
-"Apocalypse Decision" is labeled twice in Section 3 where it shows the pictures.

-Is Awakening FT2 really "maximum of 7 characters can enter at once?" Thought it was 4.
-Will the PW5 bike be able to drop from Awakening FT2?
-How does one get 120 DP for the premium cubes? I never used a DP cube but perhaps that's how you get it?
-Are the extreme upgrade stats correct? I find it weird how lvl 3 upgrade gives you CDI and lvl 5 doesn't give CDI on top of the pierce (penetration) stat.