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Thread: mFS - Feasible?

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    mFS - Feasible?

    While I've never played it and only know sFS, a friend of mine who had quit long ago was thinking of coming back as a mFS. (I don't know, I prefer more flashy skills than a cascade of cannons. xD)

    My question is, for those who perhaps know FS more than I do, is "are mFS still feasible in the current version of the game?". There's a sword buff and the SG, yet with INT comes a number of resistances and most gear is "all amp" now.

    Any insight?

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    I have not seen an mFS for the past year and a half so I wouldn't be able to tell you if they're good or not. I'm sure there is some pros to it, but in this version there really isn't a point to having one. IMO tell your friend to just go as an sFS, it's more enjoyable anyway.

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    I watched a clip about a Japanese pt running EOD3, and I saw mFS in that pt, lol

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    There just isn't that much in the FS skill set that helps mFS these days....the only reason it was ever a decent build back in the OGP days is because nobody was high enough level (so not many could defend against it easy) and Osmium was considered the best gear. With all the changes since then, there are far more powerful builds around and that makes mFS a bit weak against people in PVP. As for PVE, you can make just about any build work because you often decide and control how the fights go...mobs are dumb and so you can beat them naked if you wish...

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    one of the advantages of mfs was that it could reach high crit rate when rol+2 was rare, and the amp from cannons/lances were high because they were level 20s. now that we can max out all skills to 20 with no penalties in cooldown, i think the advantages have diminished quite a bit.

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    Mfs bm2 bm3 weak, do u think u can combo all times?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pekute0410 View Post
    Mfs bm2 bm3 weak, do u think u can combo all times?

    I'll just leave this here

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    A few things that made mFS obsolete:
    -Sword attack buff.
    -Splinter and grenade skills.
    -BM3 (only sword amp in regular and fatal skills)
    -Before, you can still get some attack and def from DEX (I think even INT back then gave some def), now only STR gives both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucifer View Post

    I'll just leave this here
    comboing in mortal bane wont get u very far when it actually counts, in the difficult aspects of the game
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    I just rerolled a mfs xD, only gonna be for t2 though any higher and it's useless thanks to BM3.
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