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Thread: combo glitch

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    combo glitch

    for some reason everytime im comboing when the mp potion regens my mana it breaks my combo. I have already tried to see if i didnt have enough attacks in my combo and it has plenty to combo. I would like to kno y the mana regens and makes my combo break. Ty

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    Thanks for the report Death316, can you go into more details of how combo is actually breaking? Iíve attempted to reproduce this error letting my mana auto regen, but it seems my combo is working as normal. Also if possible please provide a video of this issue. Thanks!

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    Same Problem

    He means something like this, is something a lot of people has been having issues with.

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    idk if shorting right before hitting a skill breaking combo is a glitch to but it wil unless u hit it while u do a skill

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