You asked for CABAL on Steam, and now we’re closer than ever to reaching that goal.

Your support has brought us to the top—competing with the most popular and sought after titles submitted to the system. Your voices have been heard. CABAL Online is here to stay, and has an incredible community that is ready to see it make its way to Steam.

As we take strides closer and closer to our goal, let’s keep the positivity and support for CABAL Online stronger than ever. We’d like to urge our fans and supporters to visit the CABAL Online Steam Greenlight Page, vote YES for us, and leave comments. Spread the word and tell your friends. If they have a Steam account that owns at least one game, they can help by offering their votes and support as well.

In the end, this will benefit YOU.

Nevareth champions, once CABAL Online is Greenlit, an immediate month-long boost to AXP, Skill EXP, and Pet EXP will be applied immediately. These forms of experience will be DOUBLED for an entire month after CABAL Online has been Greenlit.

CABAL Online is running strong on Greenlight. It’s up to the community to decide. You hold the power, champions of Nevareth.

CABAL Online Greenlight Page (Steam):

Thank you for your tireless support. We’ll see you on Steam.

CABAL Support Staff