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Thread: New Additions: Minesta Training Book Chapters

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    New Additions: Minesta Training Book Chapters

    This week we are introducing a new item to our Item Shop, Minesta Training Book Chapters. We will be selling chapters 28-31. We will also e bringing back our Premium DX Dungeon entries. Stop by the item shop and check them out.

    [Minesta Training Book Chapters (10ea)]
    Price: 375 eCoins

    [Minesta Training Book Chapters]
    Price: 50 eCoins

    [Premium DX Dungeons (10ea)]
    Price: 550 eCoins

    [Premium DX Dungeons]
    Price: 75 eCoins

    These items will be located under our new Premium DX Dungeon Tab. For more details and where to purchase please visit our Item Shop.

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    Shadow Titanium ToasterStrudel's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Are they going to be in the cash shop permanently?

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    Osmium brusky's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    SomeWhere Ur Not
    YES. It Says New Additions and nowhere in the Explanation does it say Limited Time so Yea. its Permanent.

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