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Thread: Binded Items

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    Binded Items

    Couldn't find any direct answers but I thought I'd post this here.

    Can Items that are bounded to a character through the use of a Slot Extender be traded to another player by using a Weapon Storage Box purchased through the pre-paid section of the Item shop?

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    Extended items have to be sold with a char via char xfer
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    Weapon Storage boxes are for giftboxing Weapon SKINS. For instance, Account bound Ice Star Orb/Crystal weapon skin (acct bound) + weapon storage box = [Giftbox] Ice Star Orb/Crystal. Once in giftbox form, it can be traded but when it's opened, the weapon skin becomes account bound again.

    Character bound items + slot extender still makes the item character bound. However, if you use unbinding stones, you can make extended character bound items to account bound.

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